Updated for Sunday, 5th July 2020

Useful Links

Sample Order

  1. Pray in Preparation
  2. Worship in Music
    • O Praise The Name (Anástasis)
    • Jerusalem
    • The Saving One
  3. Read the Bible together — 1 Corinthians 8
  4. Listen to the sermon
  5. Respond in Music
    • This Life I Live
  6. Respond in Prayer (see below)


  1. O Praise the Name (Anástasis)
  2. Jerusalem
  3. The Saving One
  4. This Life I Live

Bible Reading

1 Corinthians 8

Bible.com — 1 Corinthians 8

Prayer Points (sample)

For privacy reasons, personalised prayer requests will not be provided on this website.

  • Praise God for his daily goodness and provisions. (Share with your group.)
  • Thank God for family and friends who love and care for us. Pray for good rest for families and kids during the school holidays. Pray for families who juggle kids with work.
  • Pray for wisdom as church leaders work out the next steps during COVID-19.
  • Pray for our government leaders as they continue to make good and wise decisions during this time of difficulty and uncertainty. Pray especially for the COVID-19 outbreak in Victoria.
  • Pray for those in our community and society deeply affected by COVID-19 (eg. lost their jobs or businesses, looking for work, already socially disadvantaged, poor health…)